Kolkata the city of JOY..

YES!+ Kolkata Team is one of the luckiest one….
Guruji’s blessing is showering like anything on us. We are fortunate to be in the city to organise an 5000 yes!+ foundation workshop..for the biggest art of living event of the year "Mahashivratri"..the best part of this workshop is sri sri himself will be taking mahakriya in the 2nd day, these youths r really goin to be lucky to meet the master in thr 1st step in art of living family..

And let me tell you one thing, ORGANISING the course is probably more fun than doing it…All volunteers give their 100%!!! And we r havng a marvelous time with very enthusiastic people around kolkata… from goin to the movi 3 idiots to eating the famous kolkata misti dahai to sit in the hand driven rickshaws..tabing the youths of diff types & sizes..its really fun..

Hmm tomoro lot of work linedup and youths to be spoken to..waiting 4 somethng big to happen..

well We all look for miracles to inspire us…but in Art Of Living, we have one saying…
We do not Believe in Miracles, We Rely on them…

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