Survey on Combating Corruption...

Dear friends,

CENPAP, Art of Living Foundation and WAYE are undertaking Nationwide Survey on Social Approval of Corruption. For this important study you have been invited as one of the respondents for giving your considered opinion on various issues affecting Corruption in India. Your participation in the survey will remain strictly confidential and your identity will not be revealed to anyone. The research of the survey is being collaborated by one of the leading consultancy firms of India, which will then be submitted to the concerned Indian Government authority. Thus your response has a chance to impact the government policy making.

It may take you about 15 minutes to complete the survey form and it would be good learning and great awareness as well. Its ideal to send this to all your contacts in your Address Book, to your friends and colleagues and would be great if you can sit with your mom and/or dad and get them also to fill up the questionnaire. We need representative samples from ALL sections of society, so even your maids, drivers, security guards can also contribute, with your help.

The survey is available online till 17th June midnight, but do fill it up before it becomes Urgent and Important, i.e, NOW! :-)

The online survey..pls go2...

and fill..thnx