Any more Details kindly checkout...
Comptroller & Auditor Generals report, an official government agency, chapter 2, http://www.cag.gov.in/

Now lets checkout these vvvvimp...better read the whole...kartoots of our current govt..

A) Is this Government really protecting us??!!

7/11 2006: Mumbai Train Blasts. 209 Killed.
25/8 2007: Hyderbad Blasts: 42 Killed
Oct 11 2007: Ajmer Blasts : 2 Killed
May 13 2008: Jaipur Blasts : 68 Killed
July 16th 2008: Ahmedabad Blasts : 57 Killed
July 25th 2008: Banglaore Blasts: 1 killed
Sept 13th 2008: Delhi Blasts: 26 Killed
Sept 27th 2008: Delhi Blasts: 2 Killed
Sept 29th 2008 : Gujrat Blasts : 1 killed
Oct 21st 2008: Imphal Blasts : 17 Killed
Oct 30th 2008: Assam Blasts : 40 Killed
Nov 26th 2008: Mumbai Attack: 180 killed

Every major city in India has been attacked consistently over the last two years.
Since 2004, 3850 Indians have died in Terror attacks in over 3000 incidents.
Is the common Indian on the streets really safe ?

Did you know that on the day of the Mumbai train blasts, the Government gave Rs 150 crores for earthquake relief in Pakistan ? Last year our Govt. has given Rs 3000 crores (600 Million Dollars) to Afghanistan? This, when victims of terror in India have not yet got aid? What’s going on?

B) Is this Government really secular ?

1) When Madrasas are being shut down in Pakistan, the Indian Government is giving them CBSE status !! It is depriving Muslim children in getting secular education. A Madrasa educated person can get a job in any government office without going through the secular education system. Can India afford to have fundamentalists in government departments? Why cannot the government shut down Madrassas and let Muslim children study with the rest?

2) Our Government has given 25 lakh scholarships ONLY to minority students..
What sin have the majority done not to deserve these?
Why cannot poor students of all communities be given scholarships instead of only Muslim children?

3) Thanks to the Congress led Government, out of 36000 temples in Andhra Pradesh, 28000 have closed down in the last five years. Do you want the same trend to continue in other parts of the country? Do you want a Nagaland type of situation in the whole of India? While government controls most of the Hindu temples, the minority community has had full freedom to organize their religious bodies.. The minority communities now have the first right over resources. Is this not a blatant violation of fundamental rights of the majority community?

4) Why have the minorities in Nagaland, Mizoram & Kashmir not got the similar privileges like the minorities in other states? Why is the Govt following different rules for different religions?

C) Is this government really making friends or enemies for India ?

Thanks to a weak and visionless foreign policy, India has created enemies all around. By the Home Minister’s own admission : "India is surrounded by a circle of fire". Rajiv Gandhi's vision of a powerful "SAARC" is now defunct.

1) Today, India commands little respect from all its neighbours, despite being the largest democracy in the world.
2) Terrorism has engulfed the country from inside and outside. Of course Pakistan,the motherland of international terrorism continues to be a big threat.
3) China has territorial ambitions on India.
4) Nepal, is now being headed by a Maoist government and is ideologically more aligned to China. While India helped to dismantle the dynastic rule in Nepal our own Government surreptitiously supports dynastic rule within its own party.
5) Myanmar is increasingly aligning with Chinese forces with huge Chinese investments in that region.
6) Indian Policies in Srilanka have made Tamil Nadu burn. Will Tamils ever forgive India for encouraging military assault rather than facilitating peaceful dialogue on their north and north east regions.
7) Bangladesh continues to repeatedly aid and abet terrorism.

D) Is this Government really pro-poor?

The number of people living below the poverty line has increased by a horrifying 20 per cent. India had some 270 million people below the poverty line in 2004-2005, when the present Government took office. That number has gone up by 55 million, or 20 per cent!

E) Does this Government really care about the nation?

The Pakistani flag is now being hoisted in five districts of states like Assam where the Muslim population has gone up significantly. 92000 Hindu and 6000 Christians are now languishing in refugee camps. The government has turned a blind eye to this.

In the name of security, innocent people have been put in jails, whereas people like Yaasin Malik who has 23 murder charges on him, are moving Scot free and gathering their own strength. Is it acceptable to any patriotic Indian?

Can the Congress led UPA promise a non-muslim CM in J&K ? Reservation for a Hindu student in Nagaland ? If so, we wholeheartedly support them. Otherwise they should sit at home the next few years and rethink their policies.

Can our politicians stop stooping down to any lengths just for money and power ? Like Mr.Sharad Pawar, who first ditched the Congress and then ditched the people and aligned back with the Congress, just to be in power.

Don’t be deceived. What appears to be communal is not communal, and what appears to be secular is not secular. It is time we change our thinking.

Having said all this even BJP has not proved to be any better.
But for now we need a change. Let us choose the lesser of the two evils.
The same party brought to power again and again means encouraging unabated corruption.
Or support the candidates who are good and fighting on their own.

Help those candidates who are good,clean and progressive not the criminals.

All these important things are delibrately hidden by the media after taking good money for their patriotism.
All the electronic media is either governed by any other foreign agency or any seccular party.
They are indirectly making mindsets of people according to their own wish.
In any way we are not in freedom.Thousands of people lost their lives so that we can vote and live in a society
which is violence free ,terror free and fulfilling all their needs.
Stand up for this most tolerant and ancient civilization and prevent this great nation from becoming a communal battleground. As citizens of India we must vote for change.


Now Get up and make your election card /check ur name in the voting list...and VOTE.


A key factor which adds value to performance is complete utilization of
... Following is a powerful illustration!...

Buddha, one day, was on deep thought about the worldly activities and the
ways of instilling goodness in human.
The following is the text of conversation between him and his disciple.

One of his disciples approached him and said humbly " Oh my teacher ! While
you are so much concerned about the world and others, why don't you look in
to the welfare and needs of your own disciples also."

Buddha : "OK.. Tell me how I can help you?"

Disciple : "Master! My attire is worn out and is beyond the decency to wear
the same. Can I get a new one, please."

Buddha found the robe indeed was in a bad condition which needed
replacement. He asked the store keeper to give the disciple a new robe to
wear on. The disciple thanked Buddha and retired to his room. Though he met
his disciple's requirement, Buddha was not all that contended on his
decision. He realized he missed out some point. A while after, he realized
what he should have asked the disciple .

He went to his disciple's place and asked him "Is your new attire
comfortable? Do you need anything more ?"

Disciple : "Thank you my Master. The attire is indeed very comfortable. I
need nothing more"

Buddha : "Having got the new one, what did you do with your old attire?"

Disciple : "I am using it as my bed spread"

Buddha "Then.. hope you have disposed off your old bed spread"

Disciple " No.. no.. master. I am using my old bedspread as my window

Buddha " What about your old Curtain?"

Disciple "Being used to handle hot utensils in the kitchen"

Buddha : "Oh.. I see.. Can you tell me what did they do with the old cloth
they used in Kitchen"

Disciple : "They are being used to wash the floor."

Buddha "Then, what about the old rug being used to wash the floor...???"

Disciple "Master, since they were torn off so much, we could not find any
better use, but to use as a twig in the oil lamp, which is right now lit in
your study room...."


Superb na...this is a very famous temple (gumpha) built in leh(ladhak) where Buddha use to do mediatation with his deciples..its up above on the mountain approx 11,000ft up the ground (whew!!)...

c ya

"Shobha Yatra"

Its the Utsav Rally in the Gudi Padwa shobhyatra ...a huge function in the dombivali area of central mumbai with thousands of people participating..we also walked with a special vision & mission...UTSAV...

join us...


"Happy New Year" 'Gudi Padwa'


Guruji conducted Rudrabhisheka today on 1st day of Chaitra Shukla Paksha according to Indian Calender. This is the first day of the New Year. At the end of puja Bhanu Didi went on stage to do Aarati of Guruji and a devotee started singing 'Abhayam Abhayam Amma Amma" Gradually Guruji came into BHAVA with a gentle deep smile on face and Abhaya Mudra. After the Aarati some naration was made from Panchang by pandits.

Guruji spoke:
" We are entering into 5110 year of Krishna calender and 2066 year of Vikrama Samvata. These are Moon and Sun based ancient Calenders followed in India. This year is named as 'Virodhi" year from the cycle of 60 years.
But who ever is a Devotee and Spiritual practitioner, this year will not prove to be Virodhi. This year the devotees and Spiritual people must give top priority to Meditation and spiritual practices as compared to Material goals.. Few percent of Devotees and Spiritual person's practices will not only protect them but bring Peace and Prosperity to all the other people.
Happy New Year. Jai Guru Dev."

wow,,,so my friends kindly do your spiritual practices twice...!!!