Meditation, & compassion are the best education for the soul’

Sofia (Bulgaria), April 25 (Saturday): When disembarking from the flight to Sofia on April 25, HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar was asked: What made you commit your life to building a world without violence? He said: “I do this work because of my love for humanity.” On his first visit to the country, HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar was asked his guidance on many critical issues facing the world, including the role of religion in conflicts, and the Easter violence in Bulgaria. Following is an excerpt from an interview for Channel 1, one of the most popular national television channels in Bulgaria.

Channel 1 : What wld u say to all those who suffer frm depression in the world today

Sri Sri : Firstly, I would say that everything changes, and secondly that you need to see the hand of the Divine in everything that happens. Thirdly, look at the situation of those around you and you can certainly find someone who is in a far worse position than you. If you can help those who are worse off than you, your depression will be lifted. The fourth thing is to learn breathing exercises. This can ward off the depression before it even starts, just as vaccinations remove the danger of disease before they strike.

Channel 1 : What do you think is the best education for the soul?

Sri Sri : Meditation and compassion.

Channel 1 : Can the soul travel in time and space?

Sri Sri : The soul can be compared to electro magnetic waves. The body is like the television itself and the soul is like the waves which are everywhere.

Channel 1 : What do you say to those who are suffering from hardships?

Sri Sri : Hardship makes you deep, and strong. Sadness, and joy are complementary. Happiness causes expansion but misery brings a depth. Both are necessary.

Channel 1 : Why is there so much stress in the world today?

Sri Sri : Because people have not learned yoga and meditation. It’s that simple.

Channel 1 : Are bad thoughts harmful?

Sri Sri : Only if you act on them. Bad thoughts, and good thoughts come and go. Don’t become attached to them. If you try, and resist bad thoughts they will persist. Just let them be

Channel 1 : Are you afraid of darkness and evil?

Sri Sri : No, because I’m connected with the light.

Channel 1 : What do you say to those who say true love doesn’t exit
Sri Sri : I’d say come to Art of Living and learn true love.

Channel 1 : Are you a happy man?

Sri Sri : What do you think?

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Ballot gets Lucky!!!

H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar walks the talk by casting his vote at the recent elections in Karnataka, India - April 23, 2009

India's problems are complex. And unfortunately these are compounded by vote-bank politics. Instead of uniting the different sections of society, many politicians divide it to keep their vote banks intact. If people are united, politicians won't be able to get votes through divisive politics. In such a situation, the only way for them to win votes would be through good performance.
As citizens, we must protect our country from those who manipulate issues for their personal gains and who lead by playing vote-bank politics. Those with vested interests support insensible decisions and oppose sensible ones. We have to steer clear of such leaders. We must encourage broad-minded politicians and leaders to come forward and take charge, and to educate and uplift the society - spiritually, morally and socially.
We need leaders who are satya-darshi (truthful), sam-darshi (equanimous), priya-darshi (pleasant), paar-darshi (transparent) and door-darshi (visionary). So, before we elect our leaders, we should examine their qualifications.
We must elect leaders who will do away with policies based on caste, creed, religion and region; who will ensure that every child gets a multi-cultural, multi-dimensional education.
We need leadership with a mission and a vision, leadership with a spirit of sacrifice, compassion and commitment. We must choose leaders who have a long-term vision and short-term plans to achieve it. They should have great personal integrity, and place the country before themselves.
Unfortunately, most of our politicians lack a sense of sacrifice and inclusiveness. Irrespective of the party they belong to, people perceive politicians as insincere. Today, people are fed up of them. This is when apathy sets in among people. They dismiss politics as a whole and withdraw from their basic duty of voting.
Our votes are an important tool to bring about a change in the system; they give us an opportunity to raise our voice against injustice. But many of us have developed a chalta hai attitude, because we fail to see the power of our votes. This attitude is dangerous for the country. By not voting we are encouraging the status quo.
Each one of us must not only vote but also encourage others around us to vote. When good, intelligent and well-educated people don't vote, they play into the hands of politicians, who use money and vote bank politics to seize power. People should not lose hope. Good politicians exist. And they must be given a chance to do the best they can for the country, for its people.
We have seen the shortcomings of capitalism, communism and socialism. Now is the time for humanism and spiritualism. Politics without humanism and spiritualism is bound to be dirty. Many people believe that spiritualism is not for this world, that it is not a practical tool to bring about societal transformation. But that's a misconception. Mahatma Gandhi was spiritual. He conducted satsangs every day and played an important role in bringing freedom for our country.
That is why today we need leaders who have a spirit of sacrifice, and who are spiritual in their outlook, to enter politics.

Happy Voting!!!!

The polling day

The nation is rolling over polling..

awaiting for the mumbai "d" day, this year i think lot of miracles r goin to happen in the polling booth areas as many people will be coming outside thr houses to vote ( thanx for the awarness )
The volunters r goin out and reaching to people asking them to vote!!

Recently their is a forwarded sms doing the rounds it says-

Do you still want your country to be
“Slapped by the Hands”,
would you like it to
'blossom like a “Lotus”!

Vote for change and save the nation this time!!!

"Value Addition in my family"

Its a Surprise to every1 when i say thr is additional member in my family...they ask when m i getting married or....ha ha well its my pet family..hmmm so now i hav 5 members in 1 bowl...the naming ceremony was done by me , sis, and friends...

1- Laila - who is the most active and energetic tiny orange colour cute fish...
2- Batman - full black in colour and very sofisticated fish...
3- Spoty - white fish with lot of black spots/dots on it..
4- Bliss - Angel fish silver in colour and cool and calm...beautifull
5- Joy - Angel fish silver in colour and cool and calm....little tiny.

Well now u all wana see them..the moment i want to click they run (rather swim) here&thr ya..and i m doin my best to take a nice pic with all of them in one pic..hmmmmmmmmm

kya family hai!!!!

i m loving it!!!!!