Ranchi...making of 'UTSAV'

Getting Ready for Utsav..

I think this is all due to gud karma's that i m gettting the opportunities to travel as well as teach my passion art of living courses...and this time met guruji too...sri sri ravishankar..ohh it was an big event- morning p.d.s and evening Utsav workshop..

2weeks earlier i had come to ranchi(jharkhand)for the 1st time..as usual unknown place/people/stay/food..ha ha..getting usetoo...but this time i had a grt place to stay and gud food infact tooooo much of pampering (i enjoyed it!!!)..

Mission was utsav of thousands youths..i joined another teacher akhilesh bhaiya(minus dudhwala) who is too shy kind of a guy..i teased him a lot..

As met few other young1s we made them "thee volunters" of utsav and the new participants and thus the chain started..we covered colleges/ints/coachings ...lot of introtalks (akhilesh became famous in the girls section..they went ga ga over him i dont knw what will happen when they will see dinesh godhke!!...)

before the d day we volunters went to the venue...and did some masti..

Ofcourse we were on the frontpages of the local newspapers well sometimes givin (newswalas) and takin (participants) interviews..ha ha. iz lovin it...

on 17th feb few of us were to wellcome guruji at d airport outside the vip gate...as usual we were the 1st1s to meet our stylish (checkout his gogs) beloved master...