Awesom!!! Nine Nights!!!!!!!

Navratri ( Nine nights )2008 were the most Fantabulustic of my entire life....

As you can see the pics ...we had a blast. it started with the journey to Bangalore International Ashram for the navratri Festival, the group could not but distrub the whole boggie with laughter & pranks & songs till 1am..

The moment we reached the ashram it gave us an heavenly feeling ( as always ) and lo ....i was zapped as i saw Guruji!!!!

So the Advance course (my 11th) started with Akash bhaiya giving us the significance of the Devi and the Theme for the course which was amazing ( its Devi's hand posture - 1 hand which gives blessing is the hand of Hosh awarness and the other which gives is to let go...suberb na..)..

Shweta was my cute little darpok room partner ( was scared of the Ghosts!! and i made her more by telling a ghost story'''). on the 4th day our Mehendi queen akanksha was given target of putting mehendi on 6 peoples hands...amd allover my hands!!! she did a great job with siddhi as her assistant..we took many photographs which expresses our fun without words as priyank our official photographer who was missing at the time of the best scens/poses.. viru was full on with his stupid pgs.

5 days in Silence was an amazing experience with my guru also in silence and performing pujas and all the mantras...bliss!!! to topup every night we enjoyed the Garba Rass!!! (traditional gujrati folk dance!!) the mulund group rocked the ground with hardik as an best dancer. hey!!!! surprise was Dinesh minus Bau did the divine dance!!!, with Devang, Jd, upasana, anagha joining in...even our friends from different countries learned the dance and use to dance whatever they could!!!

The most exiting was when gurudev came out of the deep silence and even did some swaying and dancing with lord krishna dances with the gopis...subeeeerrrb...

The event concluded by Vijaydashmi with guruji meeting every1, and then the saddest part of leaving ashram...we had to return back to our material life..

The journey back to mumbai was also an Ravi and Priyank were competing & fighting (tom & jerry) by taking the best photographs or photo shoots on their dgis.. we did Satsang with meeting to use this energy for the better cause, later in the night at 11am Anand and dinesh played a game which was illogical,were goofing us but i cought them and later we all thrashed them!!!

Thus the amazing and the best days of my life, this energy will continue till the next navratri....with more and more people..experiencing the Grace and pouring into art of living family...

P.N:- Guruji said "Ask for what u wish, in this space and energy you will get it!!!, even if you don't not ask you will get it!!! still you can ask!!!"