What comes first, the chicken or the egg? The happiness or the smile?

I read this article 2 days back it says....Studies published in social psychology also claim that if we smile, we will feel happy, and for a couple of reasons. One is that by tightening and loosening the muscles of the face, we activate a network of nerves that sends signals to the emotion centers of the brain. A frown turns on the depression center. A smile turns on the elation center.

Another reason why smiling triggers happiness has to do with blood temperature. Have you ever been boiling mad? Have you ever been accused of being hotheaded? Our very way of speaking gives a clue.

Frowning tightens a set of muscles which thereby diverts more of our 98.6F blood to the brain, warming it up. Smiling tightens a different set of muscles, a set which decreases the blood flow to the brain- not enough to impair its functioning, but just enough to cool it.

So my friends when you pray, you cool it! SMILE AS YOU PRAY

Affirmative prayer promotes prayerful smiling. There are as many different styles of affirmative prayer as there are positive, spiritually minded people praying, but all who do pray affirmatively are saying “YES” to GOD. Those who pray affirmatively are acknowledging that the highest and best answer has already been given, and they blissfully imagine hearts and minds opening wide to receive. It is no wonder that they feel like smiling!

A smiling face belongs to someone who has experienced a prosperity blessing.!!!
If we are worrying about the problem while we are praying, our face gives us away. We will be frowning: we cannot possibly be smiling. Do not worry about the problem when you pray. Instead, become totally absorbed in the solution. Whatever the problem, the solution is always the same, for the solution is always GOD focused on God, we cannot help but smile, and we lovingly project that smile onto the faces of those for whom we pray.

Express the divine qualities of love, wisdom, and understanding, and you cannot help but Smile. So go forth with a smile, see only the good, magnify the good, imagine the desired outcome, live as if the problem has left, and express your divinity, and while you smile, both without and within, know that the smile of god envelops you always!

Keep Smiling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!