Ma New Hobby- Stamp Collection"

Guruji's stamps were released in Netherlands in..april 09!

The Government of The Netherlands in Europe has released 4 types of stamps in Guruji’s honour.
1) Two snaps of guruji ,,,one of them says “I am with you”
2) The second one is the photo of Vishalakshi Mantap" (the white structural)
3) In the 4th photograph.. some of the children are studying in our Bangalore Ashram rural school..where now around 2000 kids from the neighbouring & tribal villages come for free schooling.

Its an irony that people outside our country appreciate Guruji's work so much and our own government hasn't really appreciated his contribution to our own country ! new hobby will be Stamp collecting, as i think guruji will be in every global stamps and it will be privilage to have them..Now definately going to collect these stamps of guruji.

c ya