Lets Fight Against Corruption...

*“Dhyan karna seekh liya, ab dhyan rakhna bhi seekho!” – H.H. Sri Sri Ravi
*India Against Corruption *

Corruption is happening every minute and at almost every possible level of
the system in India right now. Together, we have the power to remove it from
its roots, and make India the starting point of action against corruption
across the world. But to make that possible, we need to ask ourselves the
following 3 questions…

*1. Why is corruption happening?*

It’s happening because of poor laws and policies in the government, which
keep changing according to the whims and fancies of politicians and get
mended according to what suits them best.

Guruji says, it’s happening because of lack of belongingness and the only
obvious cure is Spirituality which can bring back the Human Values.
Corruption happens because people don’t feel that they belong to each other.
“apne hi hai sab log”. No one would want a bribe from his own family member
would they? Every action arises out of our own thought, and self
purification is the cure. To feel that belongingness, Self purification is
required. Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Sudarshan Kriya, Seva, Satsang,
Silence and Grace can bring about that transformation in an individual and
hence in society.

*2. Is there any solution to corruption?*


The first thing is to eliminate corruption at your own level. Say no to
bribes; join hands to fight corruption through marches, awareness campaigns
and mass vote. For the India Against Corruption movement, the solution is to
lay strict Anti Corruption rules by the formation of the *Jan Lokpal
Bill*by the citizens.

What is and What could be...

*3. What can I do? How do I contribute to this movement?*
a. Join the India Against Corruption movement, by giving a missed call to
022 61550789 (we need at least 25 Lakh missed calls, around 5 Lakh are done
so far). We will SMS you a message from Anna and others, on what you can do
today, and every day.

b. Stay in touch with minute-by-minute progress, join us on

c. Spread this message. Write on your facebook walls, publish this article
on your blog. Print it out and stick it in your lifts and office notice
boards. Do whatever it takes to get it to the public at large. Invite people
to join Anna at the Jantar Mantar
Do anything and everything in your capacity! Our nation needs LAKHS to join
Anna at Jantar Mantar!
For any suggestions/queries: – write to: iac.noida@gmail.com

Our Nation needs responsible, empowered people right now, so let’s help our
India, our Bharat Mata in every possible way we are capable of!

Another of Guruji’s quotes to end with: *“When you come out of your personal
comfort zone and take a higher responsibility, you will find that whatever
you want gets magically taken care of!”*

Jai Gurudeva!