An Ode for my Master!

My Heart sinks in the deep ocean of Love!
The Picture assures Unconditional Love!

Your Hand on your Heart
promises that “I am Yours”
The Tattoo on my Hand
utters that “You are Mine”

In the Whole Process,
Death could not make us apart..
It only took me..
unfathomable in the Ocean of Love!

The above verse was jotted down on a small chit on the 2nd day of my silence on the Art Of Living Advance course ( Meditate and find yourself stringing beautiful sentences ), just a glance of this photograph in the hall & wow I am a lyricist!!


Rise of the Guardians..

Since childhood I have always been thrilled about the Fairy Tales & Heroic movies and this x’mas saw the rise of the guardians a perfect 3d animated tells the story of group of heroes with extraordinary abilities..when an evil spirit known as Pitch lays down the gauntlet to take over the world, the immortal guardians join forces for the first PROTECT the HOPES, BELIEFS and IMAGINATION of the children’s all over the world... And so is in our real world…with time & occasion, this world has been fortunate with the “Spiritual Guardians” the enlightened masters to guide us and eliminate Fear, anxiety, stress , depression or any type of evils within us..thus giving Hope to all..

Thus budding with wisdom my journey also shifts from the fairy tales to the real life…from dreams to reality..

The quest of whatz this wonderful world about & that faraway world which we don’t know.."The Unseen"..

I got my answers on Aug 2003 at Juhu in mumbai, when i was blessed to meet the infamous spiritual Guru Sri Sri Ravishankar and lo...clean bowled!… Well mesmerized by his presence that same moment I knew HE is the One!! He is the Guardian of My Life..He is the Hope for the humanity!..

Note-Will write about "The Unseen" in future..for now just enjoy the movie..
Love Savy

Meditation & compassion are the Best Education for the Soul’

Yesterday night's bizarre in Connecticut (14th Dec’12, 10.23 pm), m enforced to talk about this gunman who killed 26 people, including 18 young children’s, at a U.S. School, this has been the worst school shootings in the country’s history, Frightened students who were rushed from the building by police were told to close their eyes. Immediately a question arises does this man have a heart? Can a human being be so cruel to kill helpless 18 kids? How stressed & aggressive this person must be? And consequently remembering some words spoken by HH Sri Sri RaviShankar way back and thus a hunt (The Treasure Hunt!) in the archives…came across this interview:

When disembarking from the flight to Sofia on April 25, HH Sri Sri RaviShankar was asked: What made you commit your life to building a world without violence? He said: “I do this work because of my love for humanity.” On his first visit to the country, HH Sri Sri RaviShankar was asked his guidance on many critical issues facing the world, including the role of religion in conflicts, and the Easter violence in Bulgaria.

Following is an excerpt from an interview for Channel 1, one of the most popular national television channels in Bulgaria.

Channel 1:What would you say to all those who suffer from depression in the world?
HH Sri Sri RaviShankar: Firstly, I would say that everything changes, and secondly that you need to see the hand of the Divine in everything that happens. Thirdly, look at the situation of those around you and you can certainly find someone who is in a far worse position than you. If you can help those who are worse off than you, your depression will be lifted. The fourth thing is to learn breathing exercises. This can ward off the depression before it even starts, just as vaccinations remove the danger of disease before they strike.

Channel 1: What do you think is the best education for the soul?
HH Sri Sri RaviShankar: Meditation and Compassion.

Channel 1: Why is there so much stress in the world today?
HH Sri Sri RaviShankar: Because people have not learned yoga and meditation. It’s that simple.

Channel 1: Are bad thoughts harmful?
HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Only if you act on them. Bad thoughts, and good thoughts come and go. Don’t become attached to them. If you try, and resist bad thoughts they will persist. Just let them be..

Channel 1: What do you say to those who say true love doesn’t exist?
HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: I’d say come to Art of Living and learn true love.

Channel 1: Are you a happy man?
HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: What do you think? Ha Ha..:)

Love Savy

Lets Fight Against Corruption...

*“Dhyan karna seekh liya, ab dhyan rakhna bhi seekho!” – H.H. Sri Sri Ravi
*India Against Corruption *

Corruption is happening every minute and at almost every possible level of
the system in India right now. Together, we have the power to remove it from
its roots, and make India the starting point of action against corruption
across the world. But to make that possible, we need to ask ourselves the
following 3 questions…

*1. Why is corruption happening?*

It’s happening because of poor laws and policies in the government, which
keep changing according to the whims and fancies of politicians and get
mended according to what suits them best.

Guruji says, it’s happening because of lack of belongingness and the only
obvious cure is Spirituality which can bring back the Human Values.
Corruption happens because people don’t feel that they belong to each other.
“apne hi hai sab log”. No one would want a bribe from his own family member
would they? Every action arises out of our own thought, and self
purification is the cure. To feel that belongingness, Self purification is
required. Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Sudarshan Kriya, Seva, Satsang,
Silence and Grace can bring about that transformation in an individual and
hence in society.

*2. Is there any solution to corruption?*


The first thing is to eliminate corruption at your own level. Say no to
bribes; join hands to fight corruption through marches, awareness campaigns
and mass vote. For the India Against Corruption movement, the solution is to
lay strict Anti Corruption rules by the formation of the *Jan Lokpal
Bill*by the citizens.

What is and What could be...

*3. What can I do? How do I contribute to this movement?*
a. Join the India Against Corruption movement, by giving a missed call to
022 61550789 (we need at least 25 Lakh missed calls, around 5 Lakh are done
so far). We will SMS you a message from Anna and others, on what you can do
today, and every day.

b. Stay in touch with minute-by-minute progress, join us on

c. Spread this message. Write on your facebook walls, publish this article
on your blog. Print it out and stick it in your lifts and office notice
boards. Do whatever it takes to get it to the public at large. Invite people
to join Anna at the Jantar Mantar
Do anything and everything in your capacity! Our nation needs LAKHS to join
Anna at Jantar Mantar!
For any suggestions/queries: – write to:

Our Nation needs responsible, empowered people right now, so let’s help our
India, our Bharat Mata in every possible way we are capable of!

Another of Guruji’s quotes to end with: *“When you come out of your personal
comfort zone and take a higher responsibility, you will find that whatever
you want gets magically taken care of!”*

Jai Gurudeva!


The Berlin Olympic Stadium

Art of Living turns 30 this year. We have been on planet Earth for 30 wonderful years.
We are having a huge celebration: The World Culture Festival at the Berlin Olympic Stadium on the 2nd and 3rd of July 2011. A stadium originally built by Hitler for the infamous Berlin Olympics in the last century, will be used to spread the message of One World Family – Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. A message of Peace, Love, Happiness and Harmony in Diversity.

This will be followed by a YES!+ Advance course from the 4th to the 7th of July Wid Guruji ofcourse!.

After more than a month of discussion and haggling with various Travel Agents, we have some very nice prices for people who wish to come!

Departure from India is either from Bombay or Delhi on June 30th.

The price is *drum roll* Rs 51,000!!

The price includes airfare from India (ex Bombay and Delhi) to Berlin and back. The price includes the entry to the World Culture Festival on 2nd and 3rd as well as the price for the YES!+ Advance Course. It includes meals on the Advance course.

We have got this fare after ridiculous amounts of quibbling with all parties concerned and it is utterly non refundable.

It doesn’t include your accommodation in Berlin. If you wish to rough it out and stay in a tent, it will cost you about Rs 6000 from July 1st to 8th. You will need to bring your own sleeping bags.

If you wish to stay in a dorm type accommodation, 2-3 people in one room, then it will cost you about Rs 15,000 from July 1st to 8th.

We can assist you in getting any of these types of accommodation. There are only 40 beds available now in Berlin for the dorm accommodation. Plenty of tent accommodation is there.

If you wish to have better accommodation in a hotel, then click to book directly from the the WCF website, where various hotels in Berlin are giving discounted fares esp. to the people coming for WCF 2011.

The price of Rs 51,000 is available only to the first 70 people who book, after which it will increase by approximately Rs 5000 for the next 70 people. Also all prices are expected to go up by around 20% from April 1st.

You will need to pay the money before the 26th of March. You need to have a passport valid at least till December 2011.

Budget about Rs 2500 for traveling to and fro the advance course venues to wherever you are staying, and about Rs 5000 for food on the first 3 days.

Visa cost will be approximately Rs 6000.

For more details as well as to register yourself for this trip, please drop a mail to

Jai Gurudeva!

ps :We are planning a trip around Europe after the 7th of July as well. Will post details here as soon as they are final… Look out for Posts B and C in this series


It is the day when a disciple wakes up in his fullness and in the wakefulness he can’t be but grateful. This gratitude is not of dwaita (you and me), but of advaita. It is not a river moving from somewhere to somewhere, but is the ocean moving within itself. So, gratefulness on Guru Purnima symbolizes that fullness...

The purpose of the Guru Purnima celebration is to turn back, review and see in this last one year how much one has progressed in his life. For a seeker, Guru Purnima is a day of significance. It is the day to review one’s progress on the spiritual path and renew one’s determination and focus on the goal.. As the full moon rises and sets, tears of gratitude arise and repose into the vastness of one’s own self...

With an Tear of Gratitude...Jaigurudeva!!

Survey on Combating Corruption...

Dear friends,

CENPAP, Art of Living Foundation and WAYE are undertaking Nationwide Survey on Social Approval of Corruption. For this important study you have been invited as one of the respondents for giving your considered opinion on various issues affecting Corruption in India. Your participation in the survey will remain strictly confidential and your identity will not be revealed to anyone. The research of the survey is being collaborated by one of the leading consultancy firms of India, which will then be submitted to the concerned Indian Government authority. Thus your response has a chance to impact the government policy making.

It may take you about 15 minutes to complete the survey form and it would be good learning and great awareness as well. Its ideal to send this to all your contacts in your Address Book, to your friends and colleagues and would be great if you can sit with your mom and/or dad and get them also to fill up the questionnaire. We need representative samples from ALL sections of society, so even your maids, drivers, security guards can also contribute, with your help.

The survey is available online till 17th June midnight, but do fill it up before it becomes Urgent and Important, i.e, NOW! :-)

The online survey..pls go2...

and fill..thnx