Rise of the Guardians..

Since childhood I have always been thrilled about the Fairy Tales & Heroic movies and this x’mas saw the rise of the guardians a perfect 3d animated tells the story of group of heroes with extraordinary abilities..when an evil spirit known as Pitch lays down the gauntlet to take over the world, the immortal guardians join forces for the first time..to PROTECT the HOPES, BELIEFS and IMAGINATION of the children’s all over the world... And so is in our real world…with time & occasion, this world has been fortunate with the “Spiritual Guardians” the enlightened masters to guide us and eliminate Fear, anxiety, stress , depression or any type of evils within us..thus giving Hope to all..

Thus budding with wisdom my journey also shifts from the fairy tales to the real life…from dreams to reality..

The quest of whatz this wonderful world about & that faraway world which we don’t know.."The Unseen"..

I got my answers on Aug 2003 at Juhu in mumbai, when i was blessed to meet the infamous spiritual Guru Sri Sri Ravishankar and lo...clean bowled!… Well mesmerized by his presence that same moment I knew HE is the One!! He is the Guardian of My Life..He is the Hope for the humanity!..

Note-Will write about "The Unseen" in future..for now just enjoy the movie..
Love Savy


  1. beautiful!! leaves me speechless.. it is so true that all of us at some point of time have felt the same way.. just never bothered to share it or put it down in writing.. very nice read!

  2. very nice...now I m going to watch "Rise Guardians" very soon:)

  3. wow!! so true savy di.:) wonderful blog.:)

  4. guardian shud be like this only....!!! nice post savy d!!