Interesting city- Jodhpur!!!

Hey m baccccckkkk on the blog to rock with my advennntttoouuroooouuuuus!!!! trip to Jodhpur ( Rajasthan-India) - the city is a tourist city and clean!!! well maintained ( as u can see in the pics, it waz cold in the nite & hot in d afternuns ( like from fridge into oven..daily!)..speciallity in varriety of food & mouthwatering Sweets!!

i was their to organize Art of Living course 'Utsav' for the youths of jodhpur..i was send on oneday notice..what a cchallenge yaar...i was going to the place whr i dono anybody, no place to stay..really han..this is the time whr we expernce the grace of a master a 'Guru' in life whom we hav total faith that everyting will be taken care and it does happen...

my rented house whc was really biggg was named as 'headquater' by cute little warriors ( 3 volunters which i could somehow collect and later mannnnyyy joinnnned the team)..then it was a famous place to do meditation/satsang/reg office..ha ha after 15days of Grilling!!!later i enjoyed as we cooked fud and worked hard and had fun with volunters..speccially kushal (with his cute smile, dimples & amirkhan hairstyle) and Rahul (very sincere and tecchno guy) hardcore volunters who were a grt help..missing their innocence..

well Learnd so many things from the was marriage time and people attended 3to 4 weddings in 2 hours time every day..even i attended 2 traditional weddings with lots .lots. lots of food& my its amazing to have somany items to eat at a time and in each wedding!!! u can cchecck me in the pics i hav puton some pounds...

Lot to share but time is less and il be sharing in future posts..time to time with photos..well then d day arrrived and it was an successfull course, all the youths got connected with me (wireless guru techology u c) and they r callinng/smsing and i feel so proud to be a part of Yes!+ team and with full gratitude to sri sri for the best exp of my life and u know the day i left the city i waz having 200 houses to stay at jodhpur and many lovable friends..


Missing uuuu...

Let me introduce my cutieeees.... fishes.... "Laila" who is so sweet and friendly ,,whenever i call her name she just comes swimming around the bowl and looks at me with love (seen in pic). once i had come from banglore after 12days she played with me for atleas 20 minnts and

the other one "Majnu" is totally opposite, he is very arrogant, not so expressive (khadus kinda guy/fish) he is busy in his world...sometimes i hav to shout at him as he bullies laila..or maybe playing in his istyle (i hope i donnt get my majnu with this attitude)..

well they both like to watch tv sppcly cartoons and gurujis talks very carefully...ha ha i think they even mediate. its a great feeling to watch 2 goldies while they sleep eyes open...

Right now me at Jodhpur (Rajasthan) organising an youth course:Utsav, and missing my Laila Majnu drama...


Celebrating .....

After the dhammaka diwali celebrations (4 days continous enjoing with family, friends , volunters and with wonderful teachers of art of living and ofcourse our angel friends seen in the pic)

Now its time to go on little diet-shyte...(this diwali i had twice the sweets and the junkies..result puton some pounds here and ther...) so me doing rigrous workout in form of my fav YOGA...
waiting for the results yaar.....

happy dieting...

Awesom!!! Nine Nights!!!!!!!

Navratri ( Nine nights )2008 were the most Fantabulustic of my entire life....

As you can see the pics ...we had a blast. it started with the journey to Bangalore International Ashram for the navratri Festival, the group could not but distrub the whole boggie with laughter & pranks & songs till 1am..

The moment we reached the ashram it gave us an heavenly feeling ( as always ) and lo ....i was zapped as i saw Guruji!!!!

So the Advance course (my 11th) started with Akash bhaiya giving us the significance of the Devi and the Theme for the course which was amazing ( its Devi's hand posture - 1 hand which gives blessing is the hand of Hosh awarness and the other which gives is to let go...suberb na..)..

Shweta was my cute little darpok room partner ( was scared of the Ghosts!! and i made her more by telling a ghost story'''). on the 4th day our Mehendi queen akanksha was given target of putting mehendi on 6 peoples hands...amd allover my hands!!! she did a great job with siddhi as her assistant..we took many photographs which expresses our fun without words as priyank our official photographer who was missing at the time of the best scens/poses.. viru was full on with his stupid pgs.

5 days in Silence was an amazing experience with my guru also in silence and performing pujas and all the mantras...bliss!!! to topup every night we enjoyed the Garba Rass!!! (traditional gujrati folk dance!!) the mulund group rocked the ground with hardik as an best dancer. hey!!!! surprise was Dinesh minus Bau did the divine dance!!!, with Devang, Jd, upasana, anagha joining in...even our friends from different countries learned the dance and use to dance whatever they could!!!

The most exiting was when gurudev came out of the deep silence and even did some swaying and dancing with lord krishna dances with the gopis...subeeeerrrb...

The event concluded by Vijaydashmi with guruji meeting every1, and then the saddest part of leaving ashram...we had to return back to our material life..

The journey back to mumbai was also an Ravi and Priyank were competing & fighting (tom & jerry) by taking the best photographs or photo shoots on their dgis.. we did Satsang with meeting to use this energy for the better cause, later in the night at 11am Anand and dinesh played a game which was illogical,were goofing us but i cought them and later we all thrashed them!!!

Thus the amazing and the best days of my life, this energy will continue till the next navratri....with more and more people..experiencing the Grace and pouring into art of living family...

P.N:- Guruji said "Ask for what u wish, in this space and energy you will get it!!!, even if you don't not ask you will get it!!! still you can ask!!!"


Guruji walked in knee-deep water for 3 km to meet the flood victims

Guruji, H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, on Thursday, visited different relief camps in the flood-affected areas of Purnia and Madhepura in Bihar to bring solace to the survivors and take stock of the relief operations undertaken by the Art of Living.

Guruji walked in knee-deep water for 3 km from Jankinagar in the Purnia district to Murliganj in the Madhepura district to interact with the victims. Guruji arrived in Purnia in the morning, counselled the victims taking shelter in the Jankinagar Phulwari camp, where the Art of Living is taking care of nearly 5,000 people.

Later addressing a large gathering of 10,000 people from nearly 50 surrounding villages, Sri Sri advised them to maintain a positive outlook towards life despite the devastation. "Make best use of your stay in the camps under difficult circumstances. As it's going to take some more time for the waters to recede and the rehabilitation process to materialise, utilise the time here to learn new skills," he said.

He announced that the Art of Living would provide vocational training to women in the camps. It has already started training in tailoring skills at the Jankinagar camp. Sri Sri also said the Art of Living would start a campaign to teach reading and writing to illiterate people staying in the camps.

He extracted a commitment from the people not to practice female foeticide and to stop harassment of women. He announced that the youth of the area would be trained under the Art of Living's Youth Leadership Training Programme so that they can shoulder the responsibility of rehabilitation in the area. Urging the people not to lose heart, Sri Sri cited the example of Nagapattinam, which was completely devastated by the tsunami in 2004, and now has been completely rebuilt. "See this devastation as the foundation of a new rebuilding," he said.

Many of the victims shared that they were feeling relieved after attending the trauma relief sessions offered by the Art of Living. Sri Sri also lauded the good work done by the Art of Living volunteers, particularly the doctors, who have come from different parts of India and abroad. Earlier in the morning, the District Magistrate of Purnia, C Sridhar received Sri Sri on his arrival.

Within hours of the flood that has affected an estimated 3.5 million people, the Art of Living has been carrying out a multi-pronged relief operation in the flood-affected areas of Bihar on a war footing. In addition to providing emergency supplies and trauma care to the survivors taking shelters in various camps, the Art of Living is reaching out to more inaccessible areas as many villages are still submerged under water.


Meditation For Stress Relief

Stress has become an integral part of urban existence, and apparently, there is no escape from it. "Most of us are not even aware that we are stressed out" ha ha ha when we try to cope with life rather than live it as it blooms, u know we are actually courting Streeeeessss....

As long as the energy equation between us and the world around is maintained without any imbalance everthing is spick and span. Statisctical evidence clearly indicates that people who are basically under stress are more prone to have an accident or to contract a disease!!!!

MEDITATION, an invitation of the Yogic system, has steadily gained recognition as the best bet in stress reduction.

The positive effect of regular mediatation is amazzzing, specially when you consider that in less than 30min spent on daily basis, you are learning to "manage stress" and individual approach towards life...

I remember the first time i did meditation in 2003 when i was doing the Art of Living course and i tel u my friends it was an amazing/excellent/superb experience !!!!! and i got addicted to it (good addiction na..), with regular Dhyaaan...stressfree days...till today..

Jai Gurudeva!!!

Ambernath Shiv Mandir

Last day of our YES!+ Course (youth empowerment skills workshop)...volunters had a surprise for me...i had to stay in gayatri's house in ambernath e ...after thane district...the whole night we (volunteers) were talking,talking and stories from guru to Bhooottt stories to soft songs by our ubharata sitara (guitarist saurabh) was an awesome nite which continued till 6am!!! and then we decided to do our pranayam ..Kriya followed by meditation...the whole Group was fresh and ready to take me to the famous temple of SHIVA....

AT 8am we reached the 1000 yrs old Shiv mandir (checckout the photos)this temple was built by the mahaRaja and had chakra on the top which use to merrygoround the whole day without any electricity and so!!!!amazing is said that/ but britishers destroyed the upper portion and took the chakra for scientific research???, after that this temple is going down under the earth inch by inch has superb historical carvings on it... hetang was our official (phathetic) photographer...

As soon as i entered the temple, it was having good vibrations and noise (mondays is the shiva day, lot of ppl visits)...and thus we sat inside and started chanting 108 om namah sivaya (my idea!!) and was pindrop silence....we all!!! felt that nothing moved not even the ringing of the bells...only our chanting was echoinngg...amazing exxpppperence...

WE finished with an Shiva bhajan..and as we opend our eyes again we heard the bells ringing and the noisess....

A Sankalpa is taken that every monday morning the ambernath volunteers will go to the mandir, chant and sing bajans one will lead and also take responsibilty to keep it clean.. those living nearby who wanna join this group can go morning 7am-7.30am only..



What comes first, the chicken or the egg? The happiness or the smile?

I read this article 2 days back it says....Studies published in social psychology also claim that if we smile, we will feel happy, and for a couple of reasons. One is that by tightening and loosening the muscles of the face, we activate a network of nerves that sends signals to the emotion centers of the brain. A frown turns on the depression center. A smile turns on the elation center.

Another reason why smiling triggers happiness has to do with blood temperature. Have you ever been boiling mad? Have you ever been accused of being hotheaded? Our very way of speaking gives a clue.

Frowning tightens a set of muscles which thereby diverts more of our 98.6F blood to the brain, warming it up. Smiling tightens a different set of muscles, a set which decreases the blood flow to the brain- not enough to impair its functioning, but just enough to cool it.

So my friends when you pray, you cool it! SMILE AS YOU PRAY

Affirmative prayer promotes prayerful smiling. There are as many different styles of affirmative prayer as there are positive, spiritually minded people praying, but all who do pray affirmatively are saying “YES” to GOD. Those who pray affirmatively are acknowledging that the highest and best answer has already been given, and they blissfully imagine hearts and minds opening wide to receive. It is no wonder that they feel like smiling!

A smiling face belongs to someone who has experienced a prosperity blessing.!!!
If we are worrying about the problem while we are praying, our face gives us away. We will be frowning: we cannot possibly be smiling. Do not worry about the problem when you pray. Instead, become totally absorbed in the solution. Whatever the problem, the solution is always the same, for the solution is always GOD focused on God, we cannot help but smile, and we lovingly project that smile onto the faces of those for whom we pray.

Express the divine qualities of love, wisdom, and understanding, and you cannot help but Smile. So go forth with a smile, see only the good, magnify the good, imagine the desired outcome, live as if the problem has left, and express your divinity, and while you smile, both without and within, know that the smile of god envelops you always!

Keep Smiling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sunday is LONG SUDARSHAN KRIYA DAY .. so this post is about our Sudarshan Kriya.
We are so curious (like monkeys always are) that we want to know every mystery behind this beautiful life transforming technique. Well tough luck Guruji wont put us in trouble about telling something that many of us won’t understand. But, ever wondered what are the sweet lines that Guruji sings after Long Kriya? (many can’t since they snore while he sings :D )
There are two shlokas or portions, one Avadhi and the other Sanskrit.
Asto maa … is the Sanskrit one (which many are familiar with) and the sweet one is in Avadhi language spoken in medivial period (of British version of history since our history dates back to ten thousands of years J )..

The Avadhi portion goes thus:-

"Bandau Guru Pad Padum Paraga.Suruchi Suvas Saras Anuraga.
Amiya Murimaya Churan Charu.Sakal Suman Hara Ruja Parivaru.(Quart-1)"

"Sukriti Sambhu Tan Bimal Bibhuti.Manjul Mangal Moda Prasuti.
Jan Man Manju Mukura Man Harani.Kiye Tilak Gun Gan Bas Karani.(Quart-2)"

These two Chaupais (Quartets) are the first two quartets of the Guru Vandana in the 'Bala Kaanda' of Sri Ramcharit Manas by Goswami Tulsidas composed in Avadhi language during the 15/16th century.

The meaning is as follows :-

"I worship the Lotus feet of my Guru, who is full of (is the abode of) the sweet nectar of Divine Love. He is like the Churna of the Sanjivani (Amar Mool) which cures all types of ailments that can afflict oneself in this world."(Q-1)

"He (Tulsidas says about his Guru) is like the Divine Vibhuti (ash) on Lord Shiva's body which cleans the Mind of a Devotee & enables him/her to reflect the Divinity like a mirror reflects light & which when applied on the forehead (Tilak) enables one to conquer all the Gunas through which this creation works." (Q-2)
This translation is as given in the Ramcharit Manas translation published by the Gita Press,Gorakhpur (UP).

The Sanskrit portion goes thus:-

Astatoma Sad Gamay
Tamasoma Jyotir Gamay
Mrutyorma Amrutam Gamay
OM Shantih Shantih Shantih.

The meaning of the prayer is as follows:-

Oh God take me from the Illusion to the Reality,
Oh God guide me from the Darkness of Ignorance to the Light of Wisdom and Knowledge
Oh God take me from Mortality (body) to Immortality (Enlightened Soul)
Let there be Peace, Let there be Peace, Let there be Peace,

Jai Guru Dev..

Control your ANGER!!!!!

Even our INCREDIBLE HULK is shown doing MEDITATION in the this latest this movie for special effects...too goood...and ofcourse handsome hulk...

The movie is about this guy who becomes HUGE HULK when his Heart beats increases...say when he is in anger or even he is kissing his girlfriend(ha ha shown in a decent way...cant do anything)...and very emotional HULK...HMMMM choooshweet...

Donot miss the climax.... time for meditation....c ya...