Meditation For Stress Relief

Stress has become an integral part of urban existence, and apparently, there is no escape from it. "Most of us are not even aware that we are stressed out" ha ha ha when we try to cope with life rather than live it as it blooms, u know we are actually courting Streeeeessss....

As long as the energy equation between us and the world around is maintained without any imbalance everthing is spick and span. Statisctical evidence clearly indicates that people who are basically under stress are more prone to have an accident or to contract a disease!!!!

MEDITATION, an invitation of the Yogic system, has steadily gained recognition as the best bet in stress reduction.

The positive effect of regular mediatation is amazzzing, specially when you consider that in less than 30min spent on daily basis, you are learning to "manage stress" and individual approach towards life...

I remember the first time i did meditation in 2003 when i was doing the Art of Living course and i tel u my friends it was an amazing/excellent/superb experience !!!!! and i got addicted to it (good addiction na..), with regular Dhyaaan...stressfree days...till today..

Jai Gurudeva!!!

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  1. Guruji is amazing..good compilation Savvy...keep rocking..jai gurudeva....