Interesting city- Jodhpur!!!

Hey m baccccckkkk on the blog to rock with my advennntttoouuroooouuuuus!!!! trip to Jodhpur ( Rajasthan-India) - the city is a tourist city and clean!!! well maintained ( as u can see in the pics, it waz cold in the nite & hot in d afternuns ( like from fridge into oven..daily!)..speciallity in varriety of food & mouthwatering Sweets!!

i was their to organize Art of Living course 'Utsav' for the youths of jodhpur..i was send on oneday notice..what a cchallenge yaar...i was going to the place whr i dono anybody, no place to stay..really han..this is the time whr we expernce the grace of a master a 'Guru' in life whom we hav total faith that everyting will be taken care and it does happen...

my rented house whc was really biggg was named as 'headquater' by cute little warriors ( 3 volunters which i could somehow collect and later mannnnyyy joinnnned the team)..then it was a famous place to do meditation/satsang/reg office..ha ha after 15days of Grilling!!!later i enjoyed as we cooked fud and worked hard and had fun with volunters..speccially kushal (with his cute smile, dimples & amirkhan hairstyle) and Rahul (very sincere and tecchno guy) hardcore volunters who were a grt help..missing their innocence..

well Learnd so many things from the was marriage time and people attended 3to 4 weddings in 2 hours time every day..even i attended 2 traditional weddings with lots .lots. lots of food& my its amazing to have somany items to eat at a time and in each wedding!!! u can cchecck me in the pics i hav puton some pounds...

Lot to share but time is less and il be sharing in future posts..time to time with photos..well then d day arrrived and it was an successfull course, all the youths got connected with me (wireless guru techology u c) and they r callinng/smsing and i feel so proud to be a part of Yes!+ team and with full gratitude to sri sri for the best exp of my life and u know the day i left the city i waz having 200 houses to stay at jodhpur and many lovable friends..



  1. thnx for ur appreciation...
    n jodhpur is missing u.........

  2. thanks for the appreciation . in your company at least people of jodhpur learned to smile as these marwaris are miser in smiling . what do u say

  3. heya savvy
    kya meri itni kam taarif come on yar.....

    so to al readin

    plz visit my profil

    n ya jodhpur is d coolest city of india

    hcome back fast v al r waitin for u

    urs truly