"Value Addition in my family"

Its a Surprise to every1 when i say thr is additional member in my family...they ask when m i getting married or....ha ha well its my pet family..hmmm so now i hav 5 members in 1 bowl...the naming ceremony was done by me , sis, and friends...

1- Laila - who is the most active and energetic tiny orange colour cute fish...
2- Batman - full black in colour and very sofisticated fish...
3- Spoty - white fish with lot of black spots/dots on it..
4- Bliss - Angel fish silver in colour and cool and calm...beautifull
5- Joy - Angel fish silver in colour and cool and calm....little tiny.

Well now u all wana see them..the moment i want to click they run (rather swim) here&thr ya..and i m doin my best to take a nice pic with all of them in one pic..hmmmmmmmmm

kya family hai!!!!

i m loving it!!!!!

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