"Happy New Year" 'Gudi Padwa'


Guruji conducted Rudrabhisheka today on 1st day of Chaitra Shukla Paksha according to Indian Calender. This is the first day of the New Year. At the end of puja Bhanu Didi went on stage to do Aarati of Guruji and a devotee started singing 'Abhayam Abhayam Amma Amma" Gradually Guruji came into BHAVA with a gentle deep smile on face and Abhaya Mudra. After the Aarati some naration was made from Panchang by pandits.

Guruji spoke:
" We are entering into 5110 year of Krishna calender and 2066 year of Vikrama Samvata. These are Moon and Sun based ancient Calenders followed in India. This year is named as 'Virodhi" year from the cycle of 60 years.
But who ever is a Devotee and Spiritual practitioner, this year will not prove to be Virodhi. This year the devotees and Spiritual people must give top priority to Meditation and spiritual practices as compared to Material goals.. Few percent of Devotees and Spiritual person's practices will not only protect them but bring Peace and Prosperity to all the other people.
Happy New Year. Jai Guru Dev."

wow,,,so my friends kindly do your spiritual practices twice...!!!

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