An Intimate Session

Kolkata is rocking with Yes!+ activities and is blessed with our amazing teachers!! pouring in.. 1..Dinesh Godhke (an ultimate session , it waz like an upgrading day for kolkata yesplus team) ..2nd..vikram hazra..We spent quality time with them, Such an amazing presence they hav.

Yest thr was an intimate session with vikram..Very lightly and easily he has shared many important points like 1) Excellence and Responsibility,-with excellence we should take responsibility also.
2)you have a choice - in life you always have a choice to be happy or sad.

and also shared some hidden secrets of Satsang. He sang a beautiful verses in punjabi that people almost cried of gratitude towards our master.. the amazing thing with this intimate satsang was "volunters had Healing Experiences"..

wanna upload the photographs...later..

c ya mahashivratri yes!+ foundation crs ...


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  1. gud gud!!!!!!!!

    u have a yes!+ team here 2 in kalyan ulsngr n ambernath.... hope u remember us!!!!